Easy Unity3D Shooting Game Tutorial


In this Unity 3D course you will learn the very basics of making a video game using Unity3D. We will go through concepts such as basic GUI design, programming concepts and how to use existing assets to develop your game.


Something to keep in is that this course is not meant to give you a full understanding of Unity3D or Programming. It’s rather a quick and dirty way of getting you started with Unity3D with confidence. You should follow this course if you want to know what Unity3D is all about and how easy it would be to get started with it.


I have included all assets for this course in the contents. You will receive sound effects and picture assets. You will also have the final project with all the scenes, assets and codes.


In general, this course should not take you longer than 3 hours to complete. I’ve structured the course around usability and quick results. This is useful if you wish to get your game up and running really quickly. This course is particularly useful if you are already a programmer and want to jump-start Unity3D.


Lesson_1: Quick Intro to Unity3D Interface

In this video, you will have a look at the basics of the Unity3D interface. Feel free to skip this lesson if you have some familiarity with the interface.


Lesson_2: Understanding Unity3d Navigation

In this lesson, you will learn how to navigate your way around the 3D environment o the Unity3D.


Lesson_3: Building Main Menu Scene Elements

In this lessons, you will learn how to use the basic GUI elements of Unity3D to make a very basic menu scene.


Lesson_4: Building the Actual Game Play Scene

In this tutorial, you will make another scene. We will use this scene to develop the actual game and navigate to and from the main menu scene.


Lesson_5: Writing Code for Level Navigation

In this first script, you will learn how to write a very simple script that will navigate the player from one scene to another scene.


Lesson_6: Game Play Timer Text View

This lesson will cover how to make a text view in your GUI to act as the timer of the game.


Lesson_7: Controlling Time Text View with Code

In this script, we will learn how to develop a code to connect to an element in the GUI.


Lesson_8: Game Timer

In this lesson, we will learn how to calculate the game time.


Lesson_9: Game Timer Count Down

In this lesson, the time variable will begin counting down.


Lesson_10: Re-Formatting Time

In here, we will learn how to format the time to show both minutes and seconds.


Lesson_11: Time Over is Game Over

Using a conditional statement, we will learn how to reach the end of the game once we are out of time.


Lesson_12: Building The Game Play Environment

In this lesson, we will begin building the environment for our game.


Lesson_13: Importing The Gun

In here we will learn how to use the different packages for Unity3D as well as a brief introduction to Unity3D Asset Store.


Lesson_14: Targeting at Cross Hair

In this very short lesson, we will learn how to make sure the gun is always looking at our cross hair.


Lesson_15: Code for Controlling the Targeting

This lesson will explore how to control the gun orientation by moving the cross hair across the screen.


Lesson_16: Shooting Script & Gunshot Sound Effect

At the end of this section, we will learn how to program the shoot action and play a gunshot sound effect each time we press the shoot button.


Lesson_17: Enemies Script

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop a script to frequently produce a new enemy.


Lesson_18: Unity3D Physics Engine for Enemies

A description of what the physics engine is and how it could be used to produce the movement for our enemies.


Lesson_19: Score View

Similar to our timer view, we will have a new text view that represents the current score of our player based on the number of rounds shot and the number of enemies killed.


Lesson_20: Shooting and Hitting Enemies

An understanding of what Ray Casting is and how we could use it to determine whether an object is hit or not.


Lesson_21: Game Over Menu

How to develop a menu for when the game time is over.


Lesson_22: Game Over Coding

This is the code necessary to show the Game Over menu every time we run out of time.


Lesson_23: Gun Muzzle Flash

We will use particle system and custom textures to produce a muzzle flash. We will also write the code to make the particle system emit each time the shoot button is pressed.



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