Xamarin Android C# Puzzle

In this Xamarin Android C# Puzzle tutorial we will develop a Sliding Puzzle Game using C# and Xamarin. Throughout the videos, I will try to explain as many C# and Java differences as possible to make sure your transition to C# is smooth and easy. This game should be a fun development that will help you understand a wide range of topics including but not limited to:
1- Using Xamarin Designer to add elements to your Android app
2- Using various C# constructs to add your game logic
3- How to dynamically add game outlets and manipulate them
4 – How to handle touch events
5 – How to sub-class existing interface elements

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Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  1 _ Understanding the App

In this first video, we will cover the fundamentals of the app. We will discuss what we are going to develop and also what are the different sections of it. We will also discuss the IDE that we use and the simulator. By the end of this section, you should have an understanding of the following:
a) the assets of this game
b) the need for a GridLayout
c) the need for a block making function
d) the randomization process
e) Touch detection process and block movement handling

Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  2 _ Making the Game’s Interface

In this first coding lessons, we will simply add a new GridLayout that will work as our game’s backdrop.

Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  3 _ Building the Text Blocks

In the next lesson, we will make the blocks of images from the image assets. We will develop them using ImageViews and a set a of two loops. We will also need to memorize the coordinates that we are using.

Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  4 _ Randomizing the Blocks

In this lesson, we will iterate through the blocks of images and randomly place them on our grid.

Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  5 _ Detecting Touch

In this lesson, we will add a new touch function to understand the landed touches. Once a touch is detected we will decide whether the block that has been touched can move to a side or not.

Xamarin Android C# Puzzle _  6 _ Moving Tiles

In this lesson, we will discuss how to decide whether the text view that we have clicked don should move or not.


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  1. I am taking this course and so far I completed two lessons. It is informative and enjoyable at the same time. Thanks !

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